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The fish are a nutritious, tasty and useful product that has vitamins A, D, E necessary for human health. Iodine, protein, zinc and magnesium contained in the fish do them an important component of healthy food. And the freezing technology allows to deliver them to tables of the people living not only in the coastal zone but also all over the world.

Fish Freezing Technology

Fish freezing is one of the most reliable methods to preserve fish products. And in this case the fish save the properties of fresh fish throughout a long storage period. Fish freezing is performing at the temperatures of -35 to -40 °C, which makes it possible to decrease or completely terminate the activity of microorganisms and slow down the oxidation and further fat splitting. Fish in this state can be transported to long distances without worrying about losing their valuable nutritional properties and freshness.

But in no case fish defrosting can be allowed when transporting or storing frozen fish. The storage temperature may not exceed -18 °C. And in this case the storage duration in such conditions is 6 to 9 months depending on the type of fish.

Frozen Fish Packaging

An essential condition for the long-term storage of frozen fish is the packing. It should be clean, strong, without foreign smells. All the fish frozen by our firm are packed in special food bags and placed in carts, one ton in each. The carts are wrapped with a polymeric film, or the frozen fish are placed in cardboard box, three briquettes in each. Fish are packed according to their grade, name and release date.

Our fishing company has been engaged in fishing and selling frozen fish (sprat, Baltic herring, flounder) since 1996. We have up-to-date fish freezing shops meeting regulations of the Republic of Latvia and the European Union. All the fish coming from our vessels are sorted, batched and packed in polyethylene bags for further deep freezing. After that, for 8 hours, in special chambers, at the temperature of -35 to -40 °C, the fish are chilled down to the temperature of -18 °C in their muscles.

Frozen Fish Storage

After that, the packed fish ready for wholesale are stored in our spacious warehouses, with observing all sanitary regulations. Each sort of fish – sprat, Baltic herring, flounder – is stored separately, at the temperatures ensuring the maximum safety. Warehouse employees monitor the quality of fish.

Transportation of Frozen Fish Products

Our company's vehicle fleet has the up-to-date refrigeration equipment and makes it possible to deliver frozen fish to the customers' doors with observing the temperature regime for fish storage.

Fish products
Chilled Baltic herring
Chilled Baltic herring, sorted