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LLC HANTERS was incorporated and registered in 1996. The company's core business is the fishing in the Baltic Sea. At present, LLC HANTERS has two fishing vessels, which are used to fish sprat, Baltic herring, cod, and flounder.

LLC HANTERS closely co-operates with the National Fishing Manufacturers Association (BIEDRĪBA NZRO), therefore the company can use services of a fresh fish processing and freezing shop to offer its customers more quality products: sorted and chilled fresh sprat, Baltic herring and flounder, frozen sprat, Baltic herring, flounder.

LLC HANTERS provides a complete supply cycle – its own vessels fish, deliver fish to the fresh fish processing shop, and then it transports the fish to customers' doors.

The priority of LLC HANTERS is the development, improvement and modernisation of the company, which makes it possible to improve quality of the offered fish products and provide timely delivery of products to existing and potential partners.

Fish products
Fresh-Frozen Flounder
Sorted, fresh-frozen flounder
Chilled Baltic herring
Chilled Baltic herring, sorted

LLC HANTERS has fished in the Baltic Sea and supplied the fish to its wholesale customers since 1996. The dish products are delivered as both chilled and frozen.

The fish are a nutritious, tasty and useful product that has vitamins A, D, E necessary for human health. Iodine, protein, zinc and magnesium contained in the fish do them an important component of healthy food. And the freezing technology allows to deliver them to tables of the people living not only in the coastal zone but also all over the world.